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three hours on the begining of three thoughts

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on May 10, 2008

Three Turnings of the Wheel

Our Joy in the ‘Tastes’ of life is well rooted in your individual attitude toward responsibility, The Responsibilities toward self and toward the other and others. This taste is our connection with the one taste. First, there is your tongue and bud impression of that which touches the receptors.

When you are looking at a primer for a spiritual study, it is important to start where you are and start in your body.

To build a strong basis for understanding the literature of the turnings of the wheels it is important to view each turning as a whole separate study as an important grounding before building on top of it with more complicated practices.

That is why we should start with our body and the nerve center network, which animate each section.

I like to call these centers Nerve Ganglions. Often the term Charkas is choosen, with all the religiosity that the strange word carries, when the meaning is not sure. We might have seen colored petals in different numbers in drawings of ‘charkas’ … We can read stories of various levels of believability. People attach their own beliefs to certain words in order to make others believe they know more than thy actually do. Some of the stories are the result of direct knowledge brought back from personal meditation and study. The truth of the highways and by ways of the inner working of our actual body is at least as powerful study as the colorful study in mysticisms. It is not to marginalize mysticism, but to build the picturesque on a sound body of tangible facts. We have nerves, which convey information along a highway of paths through intersections and larger roundabouts as the impulse moves to the grand master in our operating system. Our brain is where all the impulses are routed to allow us to move and thing and feel the way in the material world. Starting in the material world builds self confidence

There are three sorts of persons.

The First type is the one, who when, told to go get a dozen eggs, goes to the first store and if there are none available returns empty-handed. This person deserves respect for his finite worldview. There is a turning of the ‘cosmic wheel’ for the mental emotional matrix of this type of person. It is called The Pair of Opposites. Good and Bad, Pain and No Pain, Right and Wrong belong to this group of strivers. Their way of thinking is most important basis for building a strong house. The foundation of pairs of opposites give the Grimes fairy tales focus on the dance of good and bad and bring a real basis into every day living. The Three Billy Goats Gruff illustrate the position of the first goat as he who, went to the first store, saw no eggs on the shelf, and came home empty handed. That goat needs a process and longs to be ‘saved’ by finding a way across the bridge from where he is to the other side. On the other side there are new adventures and stories which become a patchwork of possible paths and lessons in exploring self.

The cleansing breeze is the clean up squad of the spiritual world. The ‘duality’ is beautiful in its own way as a master of devouring the carcasses of emotional dross and bringing health to the dis-ease. Imagine yourself as a Turkey Vulture cleaning up the human refuse. The Vulture has the most interesting digestive system in that no matter how diseased and toxic the carrion, the fecal matter is completely pure and safe for the environment. The  razor sharp raptors revere the vultures!

The Grand Golden or Bald Eagle does a little happy dance when he /she find a group of Vultures. They are happy for several reasons. Fist the Vulture has an innate sensor for finding the perfect heat spin up draft that brings ease to soaring as a delight with the least expenditure of energy and calories. The second reason the Eagle loves the Vulture is that where there are Vultures there is carrion! Food for the taking is again a quality of the raptors in general and especially of eagles!


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