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‘Richard Gere is My Hero’

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on July 8, 2008

i saw it and would like to see it again.  it is the 20′ something age group Tibetans  in their total lives.  All rock and roll with intimacy questions along the spiritual and family constraints.  jolly good fun!  very good quality with that home movie taste!

From: Tashi Wangchuk <>

Tibetan feature film, ‘Richard Gere is My Hero’ is to be screened to the public at Berkeley Fellowship hall, Cedar St. at Bonita Ave. in Berkeley this Saturday (July 12th) at 7.P.M. The proceeds of the screening will go to a non profit and charity group in India, Lhodak Mela Seychaam Association based at Dekyling, Dehradun to fund their annual opera festival in Sept. Therefore, we welcome everyone to the screening of the film. Please spread the words.

Film: Richard Gere is My Hero.
Film length: 99 Mins.
Language: Tibetan with clear English subtitle.
Venue: Berkeley Fellowship Hall at Cedar Bonita.
Time: 7.P.M.
Ticket: US $ 10.00

For more about the film, visit, or call 646 327 4812


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