Rewiring the System

Take the opportunity to live your life out-loud

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on July 8, 2008

July 8 rewrite

‘Be ready to let go of the life you planned to make a place for the life that is here: The life that is coming’. Joseph Campbell

Stones do not forget what went on in the stone rooms. All the concerts in castles strung along the country towns are buildings of power. Wondrous beauty preserved in the molecular construction of the stone stacked high ceiling cell spaces for catching and holding sound. One of a kind stones build one of a kind rooms walling space safe from the outside forces. Unlike concrete, which has no long-term connection to the core of the earth, stone holds in its layers, time taken from our molten beginning, it records our structural creation. Concrete has no molecular structure to retain sounds. Sound is ‘energy in action’ that flows as undulating sign wave with an un- ending movement forever carrying our songs and sighs of happiness and sadness out to the edges of the finite knowledge of space.

Energy is the capacity to do work. It is the capacity to do play. It is the property of any system, which diminishes when the potency moves with vigor to push or laziness to listen as the system does ‘work’. Work or play is an action on any other system. Work and Play as is any movement of form are both consumers of energy. The diminution of this quality of vigor by an amount equal to what ‘work’ builds our bodies, builds our lives and our structures. Energy is also the potential amount of usefulness we, each of us use in the creation of every thing we think say and do and produce for the usefulness of others. It is lovingly washing the same cup for the rest of our lives! Remembering that we were sitting in a stone building at one time, hearing the resonance of history as we engage in breathing the present moment, where we are now sitting, remembering listening to the concert of our living. We flow along with the Earth in its spin around the sun. The earth is a small dot in a small solar system in the far left arm of our galaxy. We are stardust! Shimmering reflections of refracted light held together by some habit. We are the flow of electrical signals in a pattern. This pattern is what can motivate your thoughts into material forms that become the self-fulfilling prophesy.

The ability to act while watching the effect on both things and people is a force of leadership. When we marvel at our unlimited natural source of usable mental, emotional, and physical potential then we have a visual reference of the results of your actions. We can see that our grace in action blossoms from the seeds of self we plant in every step.

Watch the tension and exertion of your thoughts, as you generate each desire that move each of us through life. Be an observer of yourself. Breath and listen to your sound. Hear your thoughts move into language made up of words you use to describe the place where you are and the place or places you are toward which you are moving. Language is being used to stabilize movement toward a goal. It is specific thoughts by specific people spoken in adequate language makes a real and deep connection with our inner integrity. Never loose sight of the story of self with value-based connection builds truth from the inside. With the specifics we get to match our shape of the inner small puzzle piece, who we know we are in the outer dimensions with our heart felt inner self seed.

Listen to yourself breathing. This will allow you to hear the breathing patterns of those people in your close personal proximity. Pour your heart out to yourself without putting the walls up. Let your breathe bring you life as it did when you were born. You may not remember that first breath but act as if you do. You have seen pictures of the Birth Professional, be it doctor or midwife or family member, hold a newborn upside down and give a gentle pat on the back to inspire aspiration. Go back to that moment and breathe as though it was your first breath, your first breath every time.

Now we can dance with an energy jiggling with sizzle and overflowing passion. The oxygen carries the ‘stuff’ our brain needs to send signals throughout the body. More oxygen more mental action more mental action more success in whatever we want to accomplish. Without deep movement of oxygen our choices are not in character with the reason we are here at this moment to make a choice.

As shallow breathers, we find our minds, hearts, and bodies depleted due to unconscious choices. Choose or loose suddenly means choosing at every nanu second in every intersection of the points on the compass of possibility. I know that understanding that every second of my life is a place and time to make a choice. I can feel my bottom on the seat and the slight movement of air on my face and know where I am. It is in this grounded presence that I can make a choice of what to think feel or move with a sense of poise and clarity. This is a step in making a real choice using your heart as a compass.

“A compass, is a navigational instrument for finding directions on the Earth. It consists of a magnetized pointer free to align itself accurately with Earth’s magnetic field, which is of great assistance in navigation. The face of the compass generally highlights the cardinal points of north, south, east and west, providing a navigation capability. This device greatly improved trade by making travel safer and more efficient.”


Thinking of choice as points on a compass opens up seeing many variations on a theme. Choice is an important mirror in which to see you. Look long into this mirror and give it the label, ‘My Choice’. See yourself as a collection of choices that you built, brick by brick, out of decisions mixed with actions, choice by choice, into this body, mind and emotions.

It is your ability to choose anger over understanding in relations with friends, family, or as you travel on the highways of life. To see yourself clearly, to see the truth of life itself as you look at your thoughts, words, and actions and see this as a real life mirror. To see that as you choose you have the power of a true creator. True vision cannot become a method to accomplished true choice in a instant or a second, or in a minute, or in one day! It is an effort to truly be yourself and enjoy the trip that will unite the seconds into a necklace of such beauty that you will stand in breathing and marvel. People will be attracted to you and your ideas and offer their energy to build this harmonious project, whatever it might be, together to change your world.

How have we lost the ability to choose? Why did we bury our ability for truth? When did so many brush aside ‘truth’ to such a point, that each of us, as a human biped, has lost touch with our inner truth. What we really want to choose in life struggles to reach the surface from within a dustbin built in our core.

Take the opportunity to live your life out-loud. Take a frog and make him/her into a prince or princess!

Live out-loud with out external stimulation of caffeine. Adrenal exhaustion is a build up of old anger. That extra cup of coffee sends acid along with the caffeine, all through your biology and pumped through your nerves into your brain. Give up the baggage!

Live with loving attention to your body. Get up and go for a walk, a swim or a dance to bring fresh oxygen and its handmaiden the added energy you need as you sing and dance and listen to all the people in your ever-widening circle.


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