Rewiring the System Mezzanine 28 August

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on August 21, 2008


The Writer
Reading with NY footage
Sincere Blues
Devil in Denim
Rodericks 1
Cold Operator
Field Notes

What do you like about your life?  
Do you face your lows with a slide into
the darkness of anger?  Do you turn into a 
self-attack on your mind and heart? 
On the other hand, do you just do a little dance 
around to have a good time?  
Here in these short flickers you get to see both
sides together.  Sandwich the song and the bleeding
heart with the brilliant green parrot bird shaking 
that private part in response to stroking.  Get the
idea of what it is like to smell your fur pets' 
intestinal product?  How much of your experience 
is an animation on a painting hanging in the family
room with what is left from the 70’s stringing into
the grand style here in 2008.  Start breaking out
of the mix for all to see or Not.  
The Funny /Serious films are worth making tracks
to the Mezzanine where if you are 21 you can throw
back a hitter and laugh at the future being now. 
It is elemental!  

Just to add, the "Reading with NY footage" Carson will consist of Carson
reading from Carson's new novel Saguaro and a showing of Super 8mm film
footage that his father took decades ago. Will be pretty terrific.

Chonto SF360 FILM+CLUB:
August 28 at Mezzanine




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