Rewiring the System

Sept 2001

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on August 21, 2008

i was working at a resort an hour up the hudson from ground zero on sept 11 a week before and a week after so my feelings about the event are harrowing.  I had been hired to teach meditation at the omega institute.  jane goodall was there as well and other famous people. I was leading meditations and counseling those who lived in the buildings now commandeered for the bodies of the fallen.  my feelings about military use of the metal to forge a navel vessel, is not what i need to discuss just to say my experience as a person who was available for the emergency medical personal who came up to omega for a short r&r was harrowing.  we each have different qualities that bring different different thoughts into the process of life.   i do not get angry with people who disagree politically.
i as teaching the exercises and methods at omega which i will be offering at the reno mensa gathering.  I hope you have the time to sit in on my offering to the assembled community october 3rd and 4th.
going to grad school:  i am doing this to become a chaplain to help people at the end of their lives as well as those injured and longing to find out who they are beyond the injured part.
have a great day.


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