Rewiring the System

what does it mean: no xmas cheer?

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on December 25, 2008

i could have done nothing to prevent this.  I am a survivor of traumatic brain injury.  I present very well so my handicap is invisible. Who gives a dam? If I say anything about my brain surgery people run like cockroaches when a light is switched on. I remember those days in NYC watching the bugs scatter when the light was flipped on! Yes!  they are all about themselves first.  there is nothing i could have done differently.  A friend on the east coast trained me for years to practice:  what would you like to do.  I got to a point where all I am trained to think or feel about are other people.  Hey this year is going to be different. I experience a world where all the people who have an interest  for my unimportant meaningless life have been all about themselves.  Yes!  They are all about themselves first.  I could not have changed this situation. People I know do not give a rats hair about me. rant! I have not had one phone call or one visit all day. Love One Another. Tis the season to be Jolly!


could anyone be quietier and noisier at the same time. like a ticking time bomb..


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