Rewiring the System

what was that?

Posted in Joy by rewiringangel on December 28, 2008

Today, I found that I could get a blueprint of how to make a Fat Boy bomb on Wikipedia.  What is that about?  Secrets abound, I will tell you, it is a very attractive way to procrastinate and not think about what is truly essential and important about my being a truly authentic human being.  Sure there are a whole group of very precise sort of people such as those I have met in my past when I collected postage stamps and attended postage stamp conventions. (My Ex pilfered my collection and he thinks that he can steal and not get kerhumphfed at the pearly gates!) He does not think about what is really unique and very important about using our human ‘beingness’ properly and with Loving Attention both to self and other. Nevertheless, that was then and now I can just wish he wakes up before it is too late.

Those people who looked for the flaws in every page of stamps off the press are the sorts who join a club for precision on the measurements of the rods and the angle in building a bomb.  Boy that New Yorker article, 15 Dec 08, page 50, is worth reading very slowly. I am pondering just one length of a column of type at a time.

Lingering on the story instead of thinking about thinking, I find an article to think about which is something totally destructive.  The bomb and bomb making is destructive for humankind as a whole and for me personally too! Buckminster Fuller says, ‘War is Obsolete’! Since I am reading the New Yorker, I am not working on my assigned assignment, which was the seed for this site and this blog:  Rewiring the System.

I transgress.

I am thinking about the ‘subtle thinking’ that is the gap of thinner than nanu tube contents.

The gap in which a direction and magnification of a thought is sprouted out from the light fluctuations dancing between synapses.

This is possible. It is with practice that we each open up enough to our mental workings to see and feel the subtle ‘stuff’ before. Before the thought, before the before, that generates the world, which we build with our actions. Can I grow quiet and careful enough to be in that fluctuation and direct my thinking from the magnetism in my heart? Can I be fast enough to choose which way a thought will go? I can choose to pass and toss an imperfect construction into the dustbin for melting in the best blast furnace available and force that untrue intention remodeled for future use in a beautiful positive form?

I read in some arcane literature about cycles of life spiraling insistently into and out from different groupings of years. For instance, it is common knowledge that every seven years we grow and replace every one of our cells in our body. If you stop smoking before you have a baby then it is paramount to stop more than seven years before you consummate the explosion of sperm contacting ms. egg.

I do not know if we can grow and replace a tooth that falls out, but I have heard of some distant Viking family member, Lions Mane, who did replace his torn out teeth. Might be a story from a winning battle when he dipped his staff in the green mass and Og Mick Gog brought forth the Earth upon which we now stand!

Probation is a convoluted word. It can mean that you were in prison and are out to test your ability to walk the path of righteousness or it could mean a test to enter the Pythagorean triangle. Probation, says the dictionary, is a period in which a person’s fitness, as for work or membership in a group is tested. It is a trial period where a person is given time to redeem him or herself from unseemly thoughts which become words and actions. Therefore, every three years, exactly, we who profess to ourselves that we are conscious of cycles, get to look over our conduct to see what happened back then and how it is happening again. The key is noticing how we are behaving in our lives.

In my past, I was a very astute thief. It is very hard to break thinking and acting habit!  I wanted more than I could afford but this has its origin in my childish trying to get attention from a family that did not want me. I have given this enough thought and therapy to understand my significant flaw without becoming maudlin.

Now I notice when the energy of that past habit snakes its way into my thinking. POW! Do I act out of my past bad habit, or do I choose to explode that creepy dishonesty with a lightning bolt from the reins of the Etruscan Charioteer? The ‘Ancient One’, who accompanies my good conscious, is whose directions I choose. Since several three-year cycles has occurred in my span of many years, I have less pull in the wrong direction and feel the ease of thought in the gap between the lower and the more correct societal act.

Sitting still enough to look at the pulsing muscle, pumping out thoughts at 85 a second, this brain we each have between our ears is the key to living with poise. In our truly human way, each of us with an individual style that brings colorfulness all around. Wherever we find our bodies at any moment, we can find the beauty of life. As Frankenstein says in the Mel Brooks Movie, ‘I’m Alive!


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