Rewiring the System


Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on December 29, 2008

I believe that the things we want to accomplish cannot ever be more important than how we go about accomplishing them. In fact, I believe that how each of us chooses to be in community with the others moves us closer to, or further from, becoming the beloved community that we aspire to be.

Gender: Contemplative Spirituality in Action

Spirituality becomes a lively topic when we talk about gender.  The ability to speak in circles and not make sense is terrific. It is good to contemplate this aspect of our individuality in the paint box of possibility. Each person needs to be both strong and healthy. By using insights of genderless to listen and understand our conversations with one another, we take a spiritual step together. Out of our mutually created space of safety using genderless recognition, grown as we sit together comes a new way of listening. Talking and sharing the stories of our days becomes meaningful because the listening is transformative as information flows along. It is conversation strung as on the dendrite wires of each person’s nervous system, with out bends created by the baggage of the gender issue.

The spiritual path wants us to grow. Each person is impelled to endeavor to learn how to listen to his or her own inner individuality and work through their own development before engaging to serve others. Know Yourself First!

People tell me that they consider me a strong person. Perhaps people have given you the benefit of their wisdom about your personality. What is the definition of personal strength? Is it magnetism or gravity? Though i see myself as soft inviting woman, it is a time to celebrate my winning qualities, especially my unparalleled skill at helping to activate the dormant potentials of people I care about so much.  Perhaps it is my natural self hood, which is being able to say no, when i mean no, rather than yes, meaning maybe, unless something better comes along. Is this ability, to say no, all it takes to be considered and characterized as strong in the minds of people?

The question is just how to measure strength and its handmaiden complexity? Some things are simple; some things are complex and complicated. The mental ride is bumpy but the view at the end of the investigation is both bracing and of significant value.

The way we face the questions of complexity and simplicity from biology, physics to computer science are all from the materialistic external view. Gender and the dance of men and woman as they move and find their being, individually and in combinations in the world is a philosophical question.


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