Rewiring the System

Hunger for Relationships

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on January 3, 2009

Interesting writing by Dr. Ann Faraday, “an account of the realization of emptiness”

In which she makes the statement,

“And I would like to see the term Self with a capital S: Self-actualization, Self-realization, Self-transcendence – expunged from psychological and spiritual literature, reserving the word strictly for the empirical self of everyday life. It is the whole obfuscating concept of self which needs to be transcended, for in my experience there has never really been any self to transform, actualize, realize or transcend.”

I feel and think, what appears is not what is real.  What is relationship and what does it take to build one without compromising? Giving in to the endless point where you lose yourself not in the other, which is real intimacy, but lose yourself spiritually and from entirely from everyday living so that you no longer know what you think, mean and see.
The possibilities are endless yet the inward truth is constantly making choices.  I want to know and recapture the dreams.  Can you and I realize that you or I have made a mistake so you and I can begin our life again? We could be finding and refinding the love you and I once had, truly did have.
Berkeley is my ‘Paris’. Paris is a sprig of mistletoe hung in people’s hearts. It is used to mark the destination of light and dreams coming true.
Paris dangles potential that is an American truth where there is a sense of magic. Paris always has a possibility. There is the possibility of me seeing that my insides, thoughts of internal longing, and the outside of my reality can finally fit together. Holding the possibilities with no chance of materializing can destroy me, like throwing a roasted charred potato, my hand is being burned in the time to toss. I know that not everyone gets to achieve his or her dream.
I am beginning of putting myself/yourself into a grind of materializing my dream.
I now know when not everything is right.


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