Rewiring the System

Longing for Lover

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on January 3, 2009

Krap Shoot: waaaass that mean?

Oh you, who is above the mud,

Thou wad without a thud,

Derive and direct a charge charged streak

Particles pointed path to me.

Sent to this mark your stream positive/negative pulse

Both brain and heart centered,

To this target on a roller coaster must

Moving Target We.

It is all energy, you and I,

We wanting, reaching, striving

To plant in surrounding toward this

In and on and into being.

That love bubble without bursting

Both personal and impersonal,

Cellular and stellar will arrive dust

As the lightness of the undulating fog

Engulf my being with your sizzle

Thrilling me in every cell and molecule.

Do you have it?  Do you have the power of positive thinking?
This power you charge

Like throwing it out instead of down?

I daydream of a wonderful creative masculine individual,

Who is not afraid of being an individual in the flat land?

The places in the world and down the road,

Where it, they and them are of all the same height and breadth.

Not the everyman but those sorts or single sort, who will suddenly see me and be filled with longing to be right here by my side.

It is not you as you are part of an isthmus sacred.

I can tell you that you have my attention in this conversation though nothing more,

No manipulation but certainly

Using the word deep instead of making the thought impossible to ignore is beneath you.

I await kisses sweeter than the fruit sublime.

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