Rewiring the System

Which Came First: the Head or The Heart

Posted in Joy,Uncategorized by rewiringangel on January 4, 2009

The tinsel forces of the universe are not yet labeled, beyond naming. Should a tinsel force be called gravity? Is gravity dark or light? Does it work by drawing energy from the bits and pieces here and there as you and me and where we are?
Will gravity fall apart when Higgs Boson is tracked and captured in a picture?

I am in the circle encompassed by both a Strong cord holding me to the earth and one out to every other being and object. I see it when I sit quietly enough for the least dense parts of myself shimmer with their aqua bluish silvery streaming electrons.

I am bound by invisible bands around and through, which hold me here. One cord is through my heart as a single line that I can hold in my folded fingers set comfortably on my lap. Up from the bubbling core of our earth a formless cord of energy rises up and out my skull. What goes through the heart is the cord I created with my thought about using myself in service to those people and animals that come into my field of vision.

The tinsel levers, each one constructed of compact nodules containing every instant of thought, its predecessor the gap before the thought and the flux of feelings that solder form to function. Every layer of reality and each individual’s 500 layers of cobweb thin bands are constructed in this way.

Tinsel strength of imaginable force, cords built levers that keep me suspended within this very restlessness longing for understanding. Will I continue to hunger for both thinking and feeling with cords from the core of my being out to the farthest reaches my finite mind can stretch. Forces or cords, strings or waves, you decide for yourself when you catch the whiff of each moment.

I believe that the heart is the real director and that the brain was installed in the shop as an override system to create the illusion of a boundary. My thinking system uses veils and smoke to cloud the heartfelt truth. Waaaja thunk?


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