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The Pearl Power of Less

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on January 7, 2009

Pearl Power

I have been thinking about the power of less.  Less is a wonderful Power to be held in the lightness of being and with true sanity that only simplicity can bestow.  Sanity is a product of simplicity!

Here I sit in my paradise with my closets and drawers so over ‘fuull’ that I do not remember what I have there. Almost every day is a big surprise of dressing, ‘Oh, I did not know I still had this shirt.’ It has been useful, these many objects to cover and enhance the almost there, almost right body right now though part of my past.  Old cloths of indeterminate quality abound in my un-simple stuff, all being here in my drawers and my life, with less than flattering style.  Not nice things, these are, all of them ones and twos that do not go together with style and a grace which could in different circumstances, build a presentation from the outside in.

So, I am in training where less is more. Letting go of emotions will suck away down the river along with all the past tar all the tatters of not quite good enough.

I wonder about being who I am in my lovely simplicity, perhaps the pearls I adore, that Wesley gave me before he perceived that I was mean. He saw me through his complex history that colored everything. I miss Wesley.  I have worn his pearls all week with both brown velvet and black gap long sleeved ‘T’ as well as an old white v-neck fresh out of the wash.

Pearls, like a fine friendship go with everything.  Was I good enough or too good? Describing the merry go round as too good and not good enough, goes round and reverses round, unstrung pearls of living the un-simple strife. I cannot pretend to be someone I am not and pretend to be someone else just to have a close friend. Time for choosing the ‘not’ doing things my own way because the same plan keeps bringing back the same result. Simplicity is the lens that forms one un-layer at a time, my quiet shell in which I can hear my heart and fashion from the outside inward after all those years of introspection.
Re-listen to the answers of those wonderful opened ended questions. Today was a good day for looking at my forward moving steps with the balls of my feet just over the edge of the next step in perfect balance just as I did as a teen..
The Power of simplicity when ‘Less is More!’

I am embarking on a path to be of service to people who are stuck spiritually.  Today I had the good fortune to listen to the high pitched in my head and brain like the scent of roses when in a closed plane place. I listened and heard the word of direction and ended me up or upended me, at the door of a person I had not seen in years.  I just knocked and was amazed to be admitted across the threshold and into the swelling stories of her life.  I listened for over an hour and made some recommendations.  She called me 3 hours later. I dropped off a carefully constructed book from my library, with beautifully constructed steps to crawl out from the confusing life spin and into a space where the self, who has been lost in the fission of particles, bent on destruction can turn toward construction through instruction.

How should I dress for such listening and talking?  I find that what I look like effects the conversation.  Have we, as a rainbow of races, wallowed in the shallow surfaced of people, places, and things for so long that the character of the man is lost in the cloth?

Accept your identity as an expression of who you are just like we accept the font on this page. No matter how many times I go back to word and select a different font when I post it always is a surprise on the Blog!

Pearls of understanding bringing glam and gladness.


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