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The Seminary of the Street

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on January 7, 2009

In my morning email came an invitation to an ongoing community building center in Oakland California. I was immediately taken with the intent and breadth of this enterprise. I am enclosing the entire front page of the site and hope you go check it out. If you are in another corner of the globe you can still contact this group and perhaps plant a similar a seed for community growth and spiritual sharing.
The Seminary of the Street is a multicultural Spirit-led educational institute that seeks to form mutually accountable communities of spiritual warriors at work in the world. Committed to plumbing the ruins of Christianity and to extensive cross-fertilization with people of other faiths, including atheists and agnostics, Seminary of the Street is a place where spiritual practices and sacred texts meet the everyday realities of life in the 21st century. Together in classes and mission groups, we strive to become fully alive and to model alternative community characterized by love, kindness, generosity, compassion, ecological sensitivity, and deep reverence for all life.

We recognize that the transformation of our external world is not possible without concurrent transformation within ourselves. Likewise, we cannot be fully alive ourselves without acting for the flourishing of all life, which means being active in our communities. Courses, workshops, and events at the Seminary of the Street urge participants into closer relationship with themselves, with others, and with the Spirit, fostering work in the world that is deeply relational and emerges from a spirit of humility and love.
What’s the Point?

Through deep engagement with ourselves, others, and the Spirit, we become more and more able to lay down our lives in the service of love. Our goal is collective liberation from systems of domination, violence, and oppression and the cultivation of alternative communities rooted in tenderness, compassion, love, kindness, generosity, recognition of the sacredness of all life, and awe and wonder at the grandeur of the universe.


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