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Good Morning America How Are You

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on January 10, 2009

Good Morning America How Are You

I am your native daughter!
Take what I got and leave the rest
Point of Law and doing the right thing!

My intellectual guy friend and I went to the movies today.. He had looked up the times, places, and chose the theater by the bay. It would be best because the flick started later than the other screens in the area. It turns out that the cashier did not tell us that the movie started at 12:30 when we arrived at 2:00 it was more than half over.
I will go back tomorrow to see it from the beginning… but cause and the causes effects have a life that I pay attention to as the display flows in front of my eyes and brain. Things happen for a reason. The Movie: Reader, is very full of levels of stuff that continues to be of and about our human condition.
From what we did see of the film, it was clear that according to Order of LAW the law student was bound not to reveal what the woman told him. He knew things because of their relationship. It was a relationship as a sort of summer fling for him and more for her. He read to her since she was illiterate. At the trial, the law student would have incriminated himself if he had stood up and announced that she could not read so could not have done what she was being accused of doing.
That is the story line but the real point beyond and building on the actions of people is that we each one of us protects ourselves at the detriment of others. She is marginalized by the young student, and would never be able to build a life in the real world.

How do I get past the take what I get to get the loving inclusion into another person’s life in the rough and tumble times in which we live?
Why did the Mayor of Oakland wait a week to start talking to the citizens of his city about the Oakland Police entering the investigation of the killing of the young middle class black rider of the BART? How is it that an investigation can proceed when the perpetrator is out and about, quit his job and is claiming the fifth amendment. How is point of Law getting in the way of doing the right thing?
We are in a very bad recession both as a country and as a community of countries. I believe there are 190 countries in the world. At one time or another there have been terrible acts of one person against the other, yet we seem not to notice sufficiently to change our actions, words and the point of law.

The current Director of National Intelligence is Mike McConnell, who oversees all US Intelligence activities, including intelligence community operations outside of CIA jurisdiction. He publicly said on TV, today, that ‘waterboarding is not torture according to the point of law of the United States’.

He is one of the persons in leadership positions who took terrible neo-con ideas and codified them into neo-law. He and his circle are partners in the sort of terrorism that is portrayed in the movie Reader. It is chilling to think that you can do or not do things to others and not face the music in real time. There is no spell check for the term Water Boarding! Who will put it in the Microsoft dictionary for all of us to check?

McConnell made reference in his TV conversation to the independent movie, ‘Standard Operating Procedure’, by Errol Morris, the story of the facts in Guantanamo prison. ( I wrote about this film in this blog on April 16, 2008.) I then started wearing an orange ribbon in the hopes that my one voice would bring to an end to that place and the activities against people going on there.
Mike McConnell asserted that this film poisoned the conversation about law, around the world.   Not the fact that his office and his superiors, who held conversation with him on a daily basis poisoned and tarnished American values and reputation, but that the film was bad.

Telling the story, telling the truth, walking up and standing tall and saying  what is right or asking a film to speak for truth, is against the law of our land.

The personality of the director of the DNI and CIA has had a diminishing effect on the moral within the Intelligence community as well as the impression of his agency on the world community of nations. America is now diminished in Americans eyes. As I see this saga unfold, I am back to the story of the early nineteen thirties before and during the rise of Horror where people who were designated as less than human were burned in mass ovens. Here in California we have the Japanese Internment camps along route 395 set against the backdrop between Mount Whitney and Mount Tom. Check this out! It is a real amazing adventure to go to the museum and see the photographs of a thriving prison camp right here. It is horrifying to walk the paths and enter the wooden structures right here in California.
I look forward to seeing READER from the beginning tomorrow and making notes.

I hope and pray that the City of Oakland creates a communication venue intersection to release the pent up emotions before the thin structure that encloses our worst tendencies is rent and spills out to taint our citizens.

All across Europe, and now here in the United States and out across the world’s nations, most people just want this continuing story to go away. Amnesty International says that ‘EVIL is just a few good people doing NOTHING’. I bought the‘t’ shirt!

Wake Up and Take the right step forward and do something for the good and the beautiful right where you find yourself now. With your own hands and feet start to rebuild the Good in yourself  in service to others. It is important to let the new administration know that goodness always wins over evil and that diplomacy and communication toward consensus is the only way that Humanity will survive.

toward consensus is the only way that Humanity will survive.

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