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I had a beer with Aubrey, at the first BIL conference in 2008. The BIL is the baby brother of the famous TED gathering. It was a long table and we all talked about the hand pinch test, pinching the top skin for 15 to 20 seconds and watching how much time it takes to return. This simple test shows the process of inflammation in stiffening the skin. I could see how much the aging process has over taken my entire body. This pinch test can now be seen on Public TV shows about health and physical fitness and the general information Oprah show.

‘The ‘death’ will stop being associated to the oldness in 30 years’, according to the gerontologist, Aubrey de Gray

Barcelona. – Within 30 years the concept of death associated to the
age will have disappeared and the man will be able to enjoy an “eternal youth”, according to the theories of the English gerontologist Aubrey de Grey, that today gives a lecture in CosmoCaixa exceeds how to live thousand years.

In declarations to Efe, Of Congregation it has defended that the scientific advances that they will make cellular and molecular repairs possible, as well as the improvement of the technological advances, will end the oldness, although today these predictions can sound to science-fiction, since it happened years ago with facts that today are a reality assumed like something normal.

Appointment like example the transplants, that fifty years ago were
unthinkable and today they are a therapy that has advanced so much that even already has been made without needing immunosuppression, a
landmark that considers a great first step than it denominates
“engineering of the organs”.

According to this biologist and publisher of the scientific magazine
Rejuvenation Research, to be immortal technologies are needed that
nowadays we do not have, and “to be healthful”, which is obtained
avoiding the overweight, the tobacco and the hypertension, with a diet it heals and having luck from the genetic point of view.

It assures that although scientist and technologically now is not
possible this eternal youth, “is a tangible reality”, within reach, and what does lack “is that people know that this is possible it demands so that it”, and so that this desire is what causes that becomes in fact in the future not very distant.

According to their theories, with bioengineering strategies to avoid
the senectud the women will be able to procreate until the fifty or
seventy years, which will suppose the disappearance of the natural
selection of the species that until now has guaranteed the evolution.
This has already begun to change with the treatments of
“test-tube” fecundity that viable embryos do that the nature rejects.

He is sure that in years “there will be limit of no time for the
human species”, although clarifies that this does not mean that is
going to disappear the death.

She emphasizes that the death concept will persist, although will
not have a biological origin, and that the deaths will have to external causes, like accidents.

Aubrey de Grey considers that the resources are not any problem to
develop systems of weave repair, because or great amounts of money in
treating diseases associated to the cardiovascular oldness like
Alzheimer, diabetes or problems are reversed.

In this sense, it has remembered that in the last year of life a
person spends more than in almost all the life, and that although this situation is the one that at heart sustains the pharmaceutical
industry, this one also can have great benefits elaborating substances anti-aging.

In addition, it denies that this eternal rich youth can get to be a
privilege of or developed countries, and remembers how one hundred
years ago no country had systems public of prevention of health, and
how they have changed the things since then.

What yes it thinks that is necessary it is that in continents like
Africa, with a perspective of smaller life, the population has desires to enjoy better health and to change habits of life by more healthful others.

It insists on that, the vital calendar that today we have will be
able to change and that the people will journey of the childhood, to
the adolescence and youth, remaining in a permanent state of maturity, corresponding to present the 30 or 40 years.

“Around 2010 the world will be at a new orbit in history. . .  Life expectancy will be indefinite. Disease and disability will nonexist. Death will be rare and accidental — but not permanent. We will continuously jettison our obsolescence and grow younger.” F.M. Esfandiary, “Up-Wing Priorities” (1981).


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