Rewiring the System

Lives in Our Stones

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on January 14, 2009

lives in our stones

‘Be ready to let go of the life you planned to make a place for the life that is here: The life that is coming’. Joseph Campbell

Stones do not forget what went on in the stone rooms. All the concerts in castles strung along the country towns are buildings of power. Wondrous beauty preserved in the molecular construction of the stone stacked high ceiling cell spaces for catching and holding sound. One of a kind stones build one of a kind rooms walling space safe from the outside forces.

Unlike concrete, which has no long-term connection to the core of the earth, stone holds in its layers, time taken from our molten beginning, it records our structural creation.

Concrete has no molecular structure to retain sounds. Sound is ‘energy in action’ that flows as undulating sign wave with an un- ending movement forever carrying our songs and sighs of happiness and sadness out to the edges of the finite knowledge of space.

Energy is the capacity to do work. It is the capacity to do play. It is the property of any system, which diminishes when the potency moves with vigor to push our laziness to listen as the system to keep us awake does ‘work’.

Work or play is an action on any other system. Work and Play as is any movement of form are both consumers of energy. The diminution of this quality of vigor by an amount equal to what ‘work’ builds our bodies, builds our lives and our structures.

Energy is also the potential amount of usefulness we, each of us use in the creation of every thing we think say and do and produce for the usefulness of others. It is lovingly washing the same cup for the rest of our lives! Remembering that we were sitting in a stone building at one time, hearing the resonance of history as we engage in breathing the present moment, where we are now sitting, remembering listening to the concert of our living.

We flow along with the Earth in its spin around the sun. The earth is a small dot in a small solar system in the far left arm of our galaxy. We are stardust! Shimmering reflections of refracted light held together by some habit. We are the flow of electrical signals in a pattern. This pattern is what can motivate your thoughts into material forms that become the self-fulfilling prophesy.

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