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Mashed Potatoes

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on January 14, 2009

Making Mashed Potatoes Just Like My Father’s Mother Made It

My mother and father were still together so I must have been around two years old. My father left just after my third birthday, rather than live up to his obligations. He walked away unscathed, throwing things around our three-generation household.

We did not live with Louis’s parents but with Mary’s. At the end of the month,most months, my mother would take me to visit my paternal grandmother. She was the matriarch of the flourishing Pearl, Lax, and Hutkin Kosher Food Company. P, L, & H, had luscious deep rich purple trucks with the full name beautifully painted in gold lettering in a smart olive shape oval.

My grandmother lived in a very big house in the turn of the century sort of pre-flapper kind of kitchen. When my mother and I arrived, Gran Hutkin was sitting in a large beige wing back chair smack in the middle of what was a long wide parlor room that seemed to go the entire length of the house. Granny invited us to a Sabbath sit down dinner that she cooked from scratch. I could feel the tension in the air since my mother could not boil water. Gran with her long thick gray hair in a sweeping French type roll with a bun in the back held with a real tortoise shell comb. I was given this comb for a wedding present from one of the spawn of my father’s sister, May.

Gran took me into the wainscoting white wooden kitchen with its hutch built into one of the entrances which 40 years earlier would have held the washbasin before inside plumbing. She had boiled the peeled potatoes in just enough water to almost cover them. They were perfectly cooked yet fluffy when just tossed and mashed with a fork. She cracked an egg on one side of the full pot of just mashed potatoes whisking the egg entirely then cracking another egg on the other side. This pot of potato was two eggs minimum but she went on to add two more eggs in the same way, one at a time until the fluffy hot potatoes fully cooked the eggs that caused the fluff to become golden. Recipe to follow…


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