Rewiring the System

How to Use This Great Crisis

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on January 19, 2009

I have a high level of stress personally, in my heart, my apartment, my comunity and out into society in general. Where do I find the sense of common purpose?  How do I work with the servers and the served.  I am a tenant which makes me a served but I also am a member of the apartment building community bringing the story of relations with staff and management into the conversation.  That makes me a server.

This is a crisis because my living situation is unsanitary because of a structural problem that is being treated as a social issue.  This is a crisis because it keeps happening again and again just after I clean the garbage and slime and bring my rooms to a livable level of organization. Today I am looking at the mess from the physical point of exhaustion and the emotional place of Ground Hog Day.  Oh This Again!

Refocusing the conversation is my primary priority in real time.

The first review of this problem, which is the plumbing and accusations, is for us, me and my posy and the staff and their posy, to acknowledge that we are a wide variety of people in all different places in relation to this problem.  It is important to recognize and respect the differences between persons around the table bringing in a new birth of freedom for all growing stronger because of how we think and what we do.  I have to look into myself first, to find that spark of inner knowledge that light our individual drive to live a richer, fuller and longer loving life. to be able to sit still together before we engage in conversation.

I see my crisis  as a way to find meaning in life. This is yet another window to see how I deal with the bits of stuff as the bits fly by my heart, my mind, my eye and my life.  I look for meaning and loose the meaning then find it again. I am as we all are continuously looking for the gold strands of meaning in the fabric of my spinning minutes and days.

Right now I am going to chop wood and carry water.  Every time I go in the living room and kitchen I sneeze because of the smell made up of moldy wet walls and the fumes from the sink drain!

Last night a friend sugggested that I get my apartment smugged for demons, light special candles and light inscense.

I have been sending the powerful good reatitude thoughts to every level of participants of this process.  Blessings and gratitude to the molicules composing the pipes and to every thing and person involved in this crisis.  I will not let this crisis go to waste!


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