Rewiring the System

The Flip Side of Fear

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on January 20, 2009

Is Understanding.  Get IT?  The Flip Side Of Fear Is Understanding.

That is the secret of being awake.  Awakening brings into the illuminated field an understanding of what is in the here and now.  This understanding is complex and takes time to generate and digest into the usable form for each situation.  Friends are on the way if you stand ready, able listening to the tune then dance with the information.  Watching  with your eyes opened, the forms that float here and there.

Why fear when you see with interest the crisis and calmness as opportunities to grow and serve. Be Patient and ready to offer help to every one you come in contact with as you travel from your first breath to your last.

Martin Luther King , we validated his dream for the value of the character of the person by the his actions in service and not the outer wrapping with this inauguration.

How did we get here? How did we end up where we are? What is the narrative for the new president and for each of us as we walk into the light at the end of the stimulus grounded?

We have responded very favorably to the crisis created by the years since Ronald Reagan when he emptied the bank and let out all the insane into the halls of politics. Reagan sent all those who cannot take care of themselves out on the streets where men and woman sleep without a roof over their heads.

We have turned this corner. Now post war people want to get things fixed. Beyond ideology is actual plan with a map for the road forward. Lift your strong voice in song that carries your agenda and weave it into the work for the good of all people everywhere without worrying about what you wear.

No longer is there the question: Is the country ready? Get ready cause here we come!


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