Rewiring the System

By Choice, Not Force

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on February 2, 2009

This morning I sat with a group trying to understand and direct the larger group of people.  I was again reminded of the grist and bumping that wakes me up to living in the Real World.  The aspect missing from this conversation is that leadership is successful when directed and followed by choice and not force.  This is true in my small circle and out to the current economic mass.  “I guess it matters little to me whether we have an unregulated or planned economy as long as the threat of violence gets left out of the equation.  I can either lead the band, take direction as a sideman or go solo — as long as no one physically forces me.  The inflexibility of our present economy came entirely from the corrosion of coercion.”  A quote from a friend, — Thomas

I was moved by the inflexibility of the members of the group I sat with today. I see this violence in the way many friends are marginalized with the sticks and guns that threaten our physical safety and the verbal emotional curmudgeons hurling words.  My heart fills with grief when I see a local poet derided by the office worker when he speaks his truth to a group.  Harmony happens when we each individually realize that accommodating our differences with grace, space and patience is the only way out of the mess. Chosen circles individual, family, cultural and global in both social and economic mandates will only survive the tremendous upheaval left by lazes` fare policies of the have-a-lots politicians and policies if we learn to have reverence for the points that poke our stasis.


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