Rewiring the System

My Dream Team

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on February 3, 2009

Political sport rather than gridiron action.

Today I had a blinding insight that should have put my eyes out but alas just 7upped the sparkle.  All bubble and no substance like the scene of the plastic bag tugged and tossed by the current currents in the cult film American Beauty.

My dream team is Sarah Palin in her 175,000-dollar Neiman Marcus needless markup and Rod Blagojevich the irresistible narcissistic personality disorder as King and Queen.  In the background, the Beatles are swaying with All Together Now.

This is what we will have as leadership if each person around the world shirks his or her part in restoring sanity to the way we live and care for both one another and the earth itself.  Last week I discovered the Doomsayers. Doom gloomer is a large wave of people who believe that it is the end of the world, as we know it.  Ruburbia, exurbia and all those shopping centers are going bust.  I will survive only in how good I get at bartering what I can do and what I can share rather than using the worthless printed money.  An example, Oh God Please Make This Happen, is a person I met at the local Target this evening.  I go to Target for the best price on my soya milk. It is almost half the price of the cheapest neighborhood supermarket.  I got cookies today to go with my milk, grin.

Well there is this truly stacked well pulled together stylin’ woman with class and brains and I say wow, you are certainly put together and we talk.  She mentions her day job and I comment on the demise of the country of origin for most product of what is sold by her day job and she looks surprised and bemused to think that anyone outside that work circle would have any interest or understanding of what is going on …  What’s goin’ on?  Smooth jazz poignant blue note surrounds the steep down turn of energy I have, you have, to pull meaning out of this meaningless path strewn with corporate greed. We agreed to allow that past group of men and woman to lead our world into the apocalypse.

Perhaps we will meet again and do the barter we talked about briefly?  Wouldn’t it be Magic?  That is what this country needs:  Magic.  Only magic will pull a secret net like a net trap not mosquito net over the possibility of the hellish dream team.  I hope that the country is ready to get out and make their voices heard.  People get up and start acting and working for the common good together.  Let us fix this nation and contribute to healing our mother earth.

Pick any person
and speak one kind word.
You have just made the
world a better place.

Love life, live gratefully,


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