Rewiring the System


Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on February 6, 2009


malicious undermining humor is a grade conferred as a less kind trophy, in a beauty contest no fairness or accurate or privacy rights with no passion for the subject
ambition and agenda  are the wind and water making the squeekie wheel high pitched wine. One lady writer is known as one who has snarked so that many educated readers understand that there is no value expressed any event she would commence to comment.  It was said that she  will reduce to a character any quality movement forward. she says very difficult things about any person   she cant get a handle on obama  because he does not bite the hook since he is poised and sees obstacles as opportunities. she is not about value Washington D.C. but speaks with sharp language about malicious undermining humor.  she is so hard, hard addressed as being really tough, she is mean she is a cobra  M.D. does not have a seriousness of purpose snark is just about weakness.  she attacks everyone including abe lincoln and f.d.r.  The old guard in politics say she is often wrong in her comments.
Snark is unbridled and undesciplined, is out of hand,  the cultural norm is being allowed reduced down and down as they subside into the world wide web and snarky self replicationg, sitting at the computer with no face and no responsibility for the spew.
Snark is the difference between drawing a person out, rather than destroying.
The internet is any ones and every ones point of view with no judgment which causes caios and snark rises up.invective has been here just the means of distributions since anything can be googled, manners and grace  it is a different kind of discourse.  The choice is rather than annyaliate one another lets talk about our differences.people crashing into threads, racism and holocost denyal is just junk not life.  ‘can’t’ in terms of canto  ‘fit’  hit is anatomy of snark create a new prespective
delight with a creative tecnology that brings us together not evil bosses is not snark credence or inventiveness who believed last spring that obama would be done in by coded racism people stepped up to decode it and he did not rise to the bate  the rest of us will not be protected or as smart as Obama some use the tools to educate and lift the hearts and minds of men and woman  tom freedman is trying to save the world with a lot of good idea there is political value in cobert and that is being defended here.

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