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Good Guys vs Bad Guys

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on February 11, 2009

Good Guys vs Bad Guys

There is more than one version of the truth especially when it is your word against mine.  If you think you know someone pretty well, you see every action and hear every word through that lens of knowledge. 

Thursday I will have a meeting with the management who has a practice of verbal abuse and offensive communication to insure that the staff did not have to be of service to the residents. Most of the conversations are between me and one of the staff so there is no witness.  Imagine living in a place where a person has to have a witness to have the simplest conversation:  unreal!  So unfair so much a part of the system.  How many of us stand up in gracious opened way against those who are abusing whatever small circle of drastic abuse.

I invited one of the other residents here to stand and watch as the staff surveyed the flood damage to my apartment from the apartment above.  I thought nothing could possibly happen because I had a witness.  Naaaa the staff attacked my witness in a shocking way that has to show me just how bad I had been treated.  I am making a call for ideas how to combat he says she says!

There is an ambient abuse instead of ambient kindness.  What is the solution? 

It takes a lot of energy and support to wake people up to the fact that they do not have to allow another person misbehave toward them, ever not ever.  Young adults and senior citizens are most abused by service providers.

When I first moved into my new apartment three months ago I noticed immediately that there was no hot water in the bathroom or the kitchen.  I told the resident manager and she told me that ’none of the previous residents ever complained and I would just have to live with it’. I was not able to take a shower in my own new home so off I went to the YMCA in town to wash.  The second week I went back to the Manager asking if there was anything that could be done and was told that if I ran the water at full force it would get warm.  I spent a week running the water at full force for over 25 minutes in the bathtub and sink as well as in the kitchen to no avail.  It troubled me at a time of extreme drought I was instructed by staff to run water for so long.  I went back and said that there was no change in the temperature of the water when I ran it for up to 45 minutes, at which point I just had to turn the faucets off. I was ashamed to waste so much wather.  At that point I called an agency to ask how to proceed.  I was told to ask for a plumber to come and take a look and wait to give time to allow the staff to step up.  I wanted to see if anything would be done.  I went to the office and expressed that it was probably illegal to rent an apartment without hot water to a disabled adult and I would like the manager to know that she had a chance to avoid publicity.  So the next day a plumber arrived and I watched and listened as the conversation in the bathroom proceeded.  The plumber showed the staff member where the diverter was not allowing any hot water to enter the system in my apartment.  It took a simple section of pipe and an elbow widget to restore hot water to my bathroom and kitchen.  I had been told more than once that I was a problem tenant and that I bothered the staff because I was needy and had not grown up.  All this abusive labeling to cover up a real plumbing problem.  My apartment has two other plumbing problems which cause my kitchen and bathroom sink to overflow with garbage and cover the floors with almost an inch of bacteria rich sludge. 

I was told that I had to grow up and take care of my apartment and that this problem is because I live in a corner first floor apartment and that I should expect this event.  It happened every two weeks for two months, which is the time I had this overflow four times.

When I asked for help in sanitizing the area, I was shouted at so loud that it made me jump.  I was not even allowed to know the name of the manufacture of products that are stored in the supply closet.  It was a very stressful mess. The carpet was dirty and I was told that I have quarters to wash it myself!  Very rude! The fourth time the rugs were washed.  The floors were given a cursory wipe but the water and dirt was not addressed and when I pointed it out I was told I am just allowing the dirt.  I was called names that are used for psychological infirmities instead of addressing the actual mechanical problems in the apartment. Though the manager has suggested that she has religious training I do not believe she has had the training to know how to diagnose the psychological dysfunctions she suggested I have . 

 The last straw was when my daughter was called in the middle of her work day to be told by the manager who just cannot talk to me!  When I raised this aspect of behavior with the manager, I said that conversation is when one person talks and the other listens rather than shouting over the person talking.  One-person talks and one-person listens and then the roles are reversed.  There is a habit of disrespect pervasive by the staff toward the tenants.  Why broken items in the building are not addressed in a sane realistic manner is illegal.

I have had 5 toilet overflows before a plumber was called.  I was threatened when I said I had found a plumber though an engineer friend at the Lab.  I was told that ‘Redwood Gardens would never pay for it.’  I just wanted the problem reviewed by an impartial professional. 

I  communicated that I have a doctor’s prescription for a deep soak walk-in tub to the manager from my first meeting when I signed the agreements.  I am disabled and have problems getting into the tub area just to shower.  I cannot use the tub to take a bath.  Whe I called the managing office in San Francisco I found out from the supervisor of the manager that it was never mentioned to the overseeing company. The person said, ‘ this is the first I have heard of this prescription.’

The ceiling repair from the over head flood was completed in a crude unfinished gouged manner and each time the product was allowed to fall on my clean dishes.  There is no respect for the tenants.  The area was left in a mess after each event when staff worked in the apartment.  The light bulbs were drenched in water and did not have adequate lumens yet it was not fixed until I asked twice.  I feel like I have to become a nag to get any work order completed.  I was told that the staff had cleaned up yet the area was not livable.  It is a lack of care of quality.  I know that I would want to do a good job no matter how big or small to give complete satisfaction to the client.

So I have a meeting with the staff and my daughter and a member of the city client mangers for residents.  I will give the staff a chance to make good on their responsibility to all the residents of this establishment.  I have seen firsthand the abusive language used on tenants, the name-calling and labeling as this sort or that sort of problem.   I have been told by more than a dozen residents that now that I have spoken up I will never get any help.  The actual word was not getting any Help!   Abusive marginalization must be clipped at the bud and permanently halted here and for all people in all walks of life.  Currently I feel that there is no way I can ask that something actual and physical will be fixed in this apartment.  I will be in a meeting this coming Thursday at 2:00 o’clock.  Send positive energy and support to me and this event and to all the residents who have walked in my shoes.

Will I ever get assigned a parking place taking into account the level of my physical mobility disability now that I have raised my voice asking for timely repairs and respect in our interactions?

I know that cause and effect are in play and what I see is not just my situation but this personal situation as a wider service to the 200 residents.  Karma!


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