Rewiring the System

What Do You Want To Do?

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on February 13, 2009

People I know are all about themselves and do not hear what is going on.

What do you want? What do you want to hear, see, and get to know?

Like I offer a night out to you three times and…  So I say I have a ticket for you let me know if you want to go and it blows by the lavender ears and yellow mind.  So I say do you want to go to the event in the city friday, I have a second ticket? And I am asked do I want this person  I am talking to at this moment who I have been asking to come with me want to come with me?  So I say I asked you three times if you want to attend this great event and have an adventure.  Is this passive aggressive behavour on their part?

So which and what of my skills come to serve the situation? I know three people who are just like this. I wonder if this is just so called ‘fine manners?’  Is this the life sucked out of making choices?

I ask and then I say I guess you will figure this out and either write me an email or call.  I am made to feel is a social dance to push and see if a rise can be risen or a hook draw emotion or better yet draw blood. like having a glass of water with some sand or soil.  If it is stirred it is cloudy and opaque, but if left alone the soil will settle and the clarity will be evident.

I do this because I know what I love and what I want to do to make the world working in unison.  I have viewed the flow of humanity as they struggle without the tools to turn on the lights between their ears behind your eyebrows.  The truth is that so many people may not ever get a chance to wake up to whats is going on.  Someone told me that there is at my core, just like at your core is a seed of injury.

Eight five percent of the humans are not awake to the flow of life around and do not hear the meaning when spoken to with clarity.  Clarity in conversation falls on blind ears and deaf eyes. This evening I had such a blank wall in my conversation with a long lost connection.  It made me feel that there is no possibility sometimes.

Patience and stability is a choice as crystal castle which allows the light with a bunch of rainbow energy supporting essence, though I come against the unhealthy unhearing, unseeing, unwashed by joy vibrations of free electrons flowing from the waterfall of possibility.

Today’s conversations deny the truthfulness of being a real kind person. This one is not obliged to answer the phone, and that one is not able to hear the invitation, and that one expects more than any one person could ever give.

Mickey Rorke says it is abandonment issues that make him drive people crazy. The Dalia Lama says that people behave this way because they have never experienced unconditional love. I say What do you want to do?

Do you drag the bags of historical injuries around to lob at those who might befriend you in a mutual social sociability dance? Do you  rather than enjoy the ins and outs?  I don’t get the resistance to intimacy.  I must be dumb.  It is a general dumbing down across the globe that allows injuries to rule the rest of this fine human life.  Look at the last American administration! duh!!

I think I should  now have a cup of chicken soup and sleep and fogedaboudit! feaugeddetabodit….

At the talk I gave at the BIL last week in Long Beach I attempted to give a breathing practice to dislodge those nexus of injury from the shimmering electric light blue channels surrounding all the nervous system in our bodies. The Caduceus is a  symbol and a way showing the channels along the spine.  I noticed that there were two people in the room who actually ‘got it’!  I said all who get it take the breathing exercises and share them with three friends.  In this way each one of us can become a soldier for personal inner simplicity and its by product good human relations. Please love yourself unconditionally. I am not perfect and you only have to be just good enough.


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