Rewiring the System


Posted in Joy by rewiringangel on February 17, 2009

  • I am thinking about my auto biography. Last night I vowed to go back to the beginning of this history of this person. I am a wisp of the energetic content in a golden invisible container referred to in art and philosophy as a Chalice.  The Chalice.  This container appears as stemware bejeweled and either filled or overflowing with love.  I feel that Love is this  wisp of energy that uses my current body to reform and purify the material world.  In doing its work the ‘soul‘ gains value and resources for its next assignment.  Cause and effect become a known template to see life as it really is working out the path.  Good and bad are judgments of a sort of thinking that cloud our insight into the function of the soul.  Be a soul man just in the rhythm of James Brown!
  • In order to become a soul man you and I have to make space for our soul.  Here is a short list of things we make time and space for regularly.  And a question about how to get to know what and who of our personal individual soul before we get complicated in the tear drop as part of the sea.  Right now take time to investigate the single rain drop, the single tear from the great ocean of the possible.
  • Making time for the soul is a process in which we need support of a person or circle of people.  The book referenced at the bottom of this list is a place to start your internal investigation.  Read a page or two and then think about the process for a day or more.  Like brushing your teeth every morning and evening  by making this process a part of everyday living you will get to care for and know your essence.  There is nothing better than this. Man Know Thyself!  It will make you smile.
  • We know how to create spaces that invite the intellect to show up, analyzing reality, parsing logic and arguing its case:  such spaces can be found, for example, in universities.
  • We know how to create spaces that invite the emotions into play, reacting to injury, expressing anger and celebrating joy:  they can be found in therapy groups.
  • We know how to create spaces that invite the will to emerge, consolidating energy and effort on behalf of a shared goal:  they can be found in task forces and committees.
  • We certainly know how to invite the ego to put in an appearance, polishing its image, protecting its turf and demanding its rights:  they can be found wherever we go!
  • But we know very little about creating spaces that invite the soul to make itself known.  Apart from the natural world, such spaces are hard to find – and we seem to place little value on preserving the soul spaces in nature.  From A Hidden Wholeness by
  • Parker J Palmer


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