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Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on February 18, 2009

Losang’s email to students and friends

Inbox X

My dear students and friends,

Wherever you may be at this moment I would like to invite you to be with me for a few minutes as I share a little story with you.  I know that so much is going on; so much has happened from this morning until now.  Some of the things we remember, while others we may have forgotten already.

In a way, life is a journey.  It is like traveling across a vast ocean and although we have been traveling for a while, we still cannot see the far shore.  We don’t know how close or how far we are; nor do we know the depth of the ocean.  Some days we have wonderful weather and the dolphins are playing next to us, signing a song.  Other days, we have terrible weather, with high waves and the ocean is bumpy.  In addition, there are sharks and piranhas circling around.  Regardless, we should always keep our hope, because one day we will see the beautiful far shore.  It is a wonderful place, so beautiful, with such remarkable qualities.  It is so wonderful we cannot describe it in words, for our words are too ordinary.

We are not alone on this journey, for Buddha and Jesus also took this journey.  When they reached this place, the far shore, where they could not express their joy, freedom and bliss, they made a wish that everyone could also reach this land and experience this wonderful bliss.

2600 years ago, Buddha expressed his journey and his achievements through mandalas.  There are so many mandalas, but the Kalachakra mandala is the ultimate mandala, which explains the three different levels of teaching.  There is the external Kalachakra, relating to cosmology and astrology.  Then there is the internal Kalachakra, which relates to the nature and psychology of the human being.  Finally there is the alternative Kalachakra, which reflects the meditative path toward enlightenment.

Today in the world there is so much turmoil, fear and distrust.  So many people are living without knowing what the future will bring.  Each time someone receives a call from head office, he/she may wonder: “Will I be the next to lose my job?”

So, I will be here in Tucson for one month, working on the Kalachakra Mandala at the University of Arizona Bookstore.  This is the Mandala that Buddha originally taught to the King of Shambala as a special and unique message to create peace.  So, as I work on this mandala, each morning I pray and do the Kalachakra Guru Yoga.
I know that many of you received the teaching from His Holiness the Dalai Lama and other Lamas, so until March 15th I would like to invite you to accompany me with your prayer and Kalachakra practice which we will dedicate to freedom.

Thank you for your prayers.  I love you all.  And remember, we are all together in one boat as we travel across the ocean.  Everyone shares the responsibility for a successful journey.  I often think about the words that Buddha said:

“Nge ni kyurla tarpe
Lamden dji tarpa
Rang la Rak le
She ba cha”

“I taught the path to liberation.
Liberation depends on each person’s individual effort.”

I am also sending to you the Kalachakra Mantra with its meaning:

The first four syllables OM AH HUM HOH of the mantra are the four vajra syllables of the body, speech, mind and wisdom:
OM is the vajra of body,
AH is the vajra of speech,
HUM is the vajra of mind,
HOH is the vajra of wisdom.
The next two syllables, HAM and KSHAH are the seed syllables for the father Kalachakra (HAM) and, correspondingly, his consort Vishvamata (KSHAH).

The next syllable MA is the basis for the inestimable mansion of Kalachakra.
The four syllables LA VA RA YA stand for the four elements of earth, fire, water and wind.

HUM PHET signifies an offering of blessings, with the wish that hearing the mantra and reciting it bring supreme benefit for all sentient beings.
Love and Peace,


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