Rewiring the System

Jetsunma Tenzen Palmo on Alienation

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on February 20, 2009

             ” In our society, we are taught to think about ourselves; we are trained to develop ourselves in order to succeed. We are taught that it’s very necessary to get on in life– in whatever is our particular sphere — and prove to everyone else how well we are achieving so that everyone else will envy us. As a result, our society builds more and more a culture of alienated beings.”    Jetsunma Tenzen Palmo

I have spoken about my experiences with people who only see the tip of their noses.  Here is the root training: Me first so, me, and only I am first.  Me First is missing a warm heart.  Me First is a shankapotomus!  yea!  We are a western world exporting machine sending our self-centered values by criminal economic, emotional self centered titans of society.  Trickling down the desire to be just like those who Ponzi away life savings of all the workers.  It is depressing to think about system wide self-centered self-serving proving that this particular I is best I.  In the paradigm shift this will no longer work on the path of right living.  Let’s Eat, Sleep, Play and Talk together.


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