Rewiring the System

Why Try To Heal From My Whiplash?

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on February 20, 2009

Somehow, somewhere there is a relevant quality of ‘surprise and wonder’ in our, your and my, everyday life. Let’s make liberation simple, ordinary, no big deal. What happens after you ‘wake up’? What happens is no surprise unless you are a fish screaming while you swim everywhere in the water, ‘Where is the Water, I must be liberated by the water. Take me to the water!!!’

If you are awake enough to see that you are swimming IN the water.  Then you feel and see and taste and drench yourself in the water you are in and of and around, then you are awake to things as they really are.  Pow! you know you are just ‘be here now’. You pay by the drink just like your electric bill.  Now you know that you really do not know. HEY,Did you read, see feel this fact? NOW YOU KNOW THAT YOU REALLY DO NOT KNOW.

Acknowledge I ‘do not know’! So, a long time given up, used up trying to make anything of your or my life. Practice and you will see the shimmering experiences that puzzle the pretzel of reality on the point where you are standing, running, talking, kissing and other things.

Seemingly waking up is a disappointment to everybody, individually. We are all striving to be an important Individual and that is high anxity in every cell.  Give up this me the individual for good and take up a cooperative pace. It’s a lonely journey to be the ‘Man Know Yourself’ liturgy.- so find your breath as a live streaming of life itself and breathe.  Breath going inside and out again clarifying,taking all your, my problems and transforming in the engine of your, my heart into Our Energy for Good.  Heart muscle is the great motivating fire of the system. lovely. Applicable to anybody –non-teaching teachers. Just like your insights about the rainbow of being at every intersection on the floor where you stand.

Once a J.Crew man of great inner grace, suggested that every confrontation is a learning experience.  He posited: how can you explain the sun light seen from the penthouse to a person who has always lived on the basement or ground floor? How do you eat, how do you love and how do you contact the immaterial while you are walking up the steps from a lower floor?

Each level represents another span of responsibility.

Responsibility means you know how to take care of yourself and all the others on your floor.. Your insights?Let me know how this informs you my reader.

Money is the most solid form of electrical energy said my long gone Mother when she was explaining the world to my 6 year old questioning mind. In 2009, Sales are going to fall. Read the great old book: The Millionaire Next Door. We need new banks all on line, no systemic risk value. Be modern and innovate in your life, no more dead men walking.  Be awake to what you understand as the failings that produced this crisis and amend the antidote to your life. Money is deeply broken and doomed to continue to spin in a down turn.  Credit is a bag of tar that drags along ever step you take. Use the equity to fund your dream with a good return over time. Now is a good time to start a saving practice, putting a percentage of whatever comes over your threshold into a book or coupon or where ever you will.

Enjoy this ride called life, breathing in and out with gusto!

take a look at this utube for another way to tell the story.

Notes from the Charli Rose conversation with Marc Andreessen

Invention happens in waves turn over and spin offs that flow with persons  who have an ‘It Works’ feature with core technology.  Is religion a mechanical suffering wish?  Overature/Netscape  happens once every ten years there is magic and you go for size and scale.
marc andreessen ‘ie’  look up ‘ new  york times death watch’

andy grove: gordon moore: intel memory chips, silicon risk micro processor  silocon graphics envidea


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