Rewiring the System

Self Knowledge

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on February 22, 2009

My interest in structure has brought a lot of the facets of meaning into conversation. I innocently thought that this was a way for me to start yet again at the beginning and do the three books three times a day in concert with perhaps one or another of persons on this list. I do not want to be too big for my britches. My taste of the teachings and the Teacher are as a beginner. I know this in my bones. How can I see just how self delusional I am without an external context? Self Knowledge is first in the list, Self Knowledge, Truth and then Straight Knowledge. Straight Knowledge is an understanding of the Whole. I have a minimal amount of poise on the tension dancing on the web of life and beyond.
Last week an astrophysical event occurred for our eyes which took place 12.2 BILLION light years away. It is amazing view of the whole when our sun is but 8 light MINUTES away and Pluto is under ten light HOURS away from Earth. Knowledge of the interconnectedness within my finite brain lets me see how to avoid speaking absurdities. My Highest Source is as a beginner in Self Knowledge….  Can I commit to reading and thinking the three times a day without external structure? A friendly person or persons who would connect could be anywhere in the world.  Introvert perhaps has the inner will forces to stay on schedule. I seem to be an extrovert and have my skeleton of structure on the outside wanting to walk as the monks did all that while ago in Chartres hand on shoulder. Not that they or I need to live and meet but that every so often we would come together to do our little dance along the circles or spirals trod since unimaginable prior times. Og McGog dipped into the muck and brought us this green planet!


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