Rewiring the System

Reality of the Electrical Universe

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on February 24, 2009

Electrical Universe

This u-tube video is a wonderful image of how we are all electrical beings and the interconnectedness extends out to the ends of Infinity through the soaring free electrons released by every one of our thoughts and senses.   Once I gave a neighbor a ride to the Berkeley Lab. He was a physics post doc and we talked physics and mind since he asked me what I do etc.  I am interested in the life of mind and heart as electrical flow generators.  I said to him that TIME is a consensual habit that humankind had constructed to protect them for exploding their brains. He smiled and looked at me carefully and said how surprised he was that I knew what physics’ know.  I will never forget the light shinning in his eyes. We then just rode quietly to his gate on the hill.

Keep Looking Up!

Long Live UTube:


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