Rewiring the System

What Are You Doing Today?

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on February 24, 2009

What are you doing today? How do you go about doing what you do so well?

I am looking for the truth of who I am and how I am creating my story. Is there any truth in my story? Each one of us is simply looking for truth in our story in sequence: life. What is truth in my sensory overloaded personal private life, the life I have within a family context, this smaller circle as a part of local community, town, county, State and Country, Continent and Globe!

I am here on Earth as a searcher looking at and under every rock to find a resonance. What is the truth in my mother and father’s core and how does that truth form my life? We are all aspirants of the Truth. Some of us read, some of us meditate, some of us chose to work on our issues consciously.

I know that many accept no less than deep inner development. In finding my own truth, I am able to give and receive love and compassion for everyone. Every step of love for others starts with love for our self. All that said, we still remain just simple people with regular flaws of personality and childish urge to fight against the inner ethics integrating with outer moral imperatives.

The only difference is that I have a desire to change and grow. It is a desire to be a helper or the helpers for humanity to enjoy the process. I have a desire to develop unconditional love and compassion for everyone. One day we will get there. It is interesting to me to note that many truly compassionate acts, too many, may seem uncivilized and not very courteous.

Courtesy is an act of truth in action…while consideration is the “intent” of the act. To me, it is a great step forward and a healthier way to communicate our intentions through negotiation making all of our actions a win-win situation. Many of the people I meet in my travels live with their poverty consciousness of never having enough let alone enjoying what they have. Many will favor a ‘me-win-you-loose’ agreement… This has been proven many times as counterproductive in the long run. Emotional Intelligence and being well grounded in sanity is the material beginning of waking up to the power of positive thinking.

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