Rewiring the System


Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on February 25, 2009

Crippling Economic Crisis.

I know personally more than 25 highly educated people who no longer have a job.  One person who is living on 10% of what she made six months ago.

I just feel that subsidizing the crooks in banks, real estate ‘products’, insurance as well as investment houses  is bad business and they should be allowed to fall apart.

High-end golf festivals costing millions put on by a bank that could only have floated this event on the ‘stimulus package’ funded by the general populations’ taxes is a crime. Public money now used to float the Crooks who have a cavalier attitude toward our American melting pot. His Grandmother called him Barry. I want us to get off the intricate name and call him Barry Obama too.

Obama sees the daily reports of what is going on and makes the best judgment based on information that is shielded from our view. Real News is turned into info-entertainment for us regular citizens that causes many of us to take sides rather than build community.

It has been a hard month for Obama in Washington, but he had time to prepare for this and the choices.  Barry has to be more accountable to the very grass roots up swelling that waved this man into office.

The solution to this pile of greed should have started in 1984 when the Lincoln Bank was gutted. The Keaton group should have gone to jail. We are a nation of financial zombies. Who are now going through life sleeping with blinders on to even the good fun things.  People do not listen to one another so it is not a far stretch to not knowing the flow of funds in their life, the life of  their nation and the world.

I do not think I am special, yet I live within my means. When I have plenty, I reach out and when I have a meager flow of cash I enjoy what I do have. There are angels who have fed me when I could not shop and saints who gave me a place to sleep when I had no residence but through it all, I did not accrue a debt of any sort. I have been an such an angel when I could and it was important to life with my heart and pocketbook.

Many years ago in the 80’s and 90’s when I wanted a car I saved the money and when I had enough to buy one I went to a dealership and made the purchase. The big green Chrysler and the hot fast Celica as well as my current Honda all were purchased outright.

Back when I had an interest in buying a house it meant that we had 25 or 30 percent cash saved for a down payment.

I heard that Morgan Stanly did money credit crookedness, which I am sure has some sexy corporate name, of reselling the one-dollar 32 times. I heard this on the Charlie Rose show this week spoken by the CEO of that establishment. What he and his corporation did is called leveraging.  Just as pirates leveraged the plank for the dummies on board to walk that plank into the wild blue waves. Blue Beard in a handmade suit and stellar English silk tie while the world revisits the heat of Nero’s Rome.

How do we keep Obama’s’ toes to that fire? He must turn to his own instruments as Nero turned to his violin rather than governing justly. A girlfriend told me over dinner sunday that she sat down and wrote her president a letter.  I recommend doing this since I know from my early years in the political system in Pensylvania, that one hand written letter means that about 500 people feel the same way.  That is pencil power.

I am creped out about Afghanistan, no other way to say how I feel. The 1900’s on have been a sea saw back and forth policy in that country. Novels have been written about every country that went in for ‘strategic’ reasons. Marching into that culturally unique region and proselytizing without ever listening to the beat of the tribes in that ‘stan’ region. It is so naive! The back and forth of support and funding and war and warring allows the lowest common denominator to become the leaders. The Peter Principal on the global scale does not further local and national goals.

Our national Health care system, like the Moore movie makes known is the worst in the western world. Moreover, they are still ruminating on the same old straw about Americans having the freedom to buy their own care. Give me a break. Today, I have at best, what I would call palliative care, which is to keep me just comfortable enough until I expire.

Who has good health care? I had an infection in the middle of my back and though it has been over four months, I have yet to see a doctor. My daughter cleaned and dressed the wound for two or three weeks until she told me, it appeared to be gone. What does that mean ’gone’? Is it sub-lingual lingering under the skin and finding other places to travel? How would I know since I cannot seem to get the offices attention to get me an appointment? I am not complaining but giving a recent example from my life that I am sure is part of the many millions of American walking in our shared shoes.


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