Rewiring the System

So Now I Wait

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on March 12, 2009

The interview was very harrowing since they actively pushed all the emotional buttons, calling me Brilliant of all things!  That being intelligent in fact brilliant showed that I had no heart and only lived in my head! How did they dig that up? I was told point blank that I might have more knowledge than the instructors at the Institute! They wanted me to take off my glasses and told me I had to get new ones because the frames I am wearing are a fashion statement and arrogant!  The square frames closed my face and made it impossible for the interviewers to see my eyes.  ‘Should I get contacts’, I replied?
Every other sentence made reference to New York and the east coast! As though that was the penultimate of something harrowing and difficult to the California mentality!  The truth is that I am not a birth right New Yorker but have subscribed to the Magazine for 30 years!  grin… Real New Yorkers know I am not one of them in a nanu second!  There was nothing I could say to show my easy going warm hearted poise in thought, word and action! It seemed that my references and writing were almost too good! I know that is not true, I told them that I will always have a teacher to help me along life’s paths. I certainly have a lot to learn and will get the pleasure of community at the Institute.
We are all just people so their statements could not wreck my reality. The experience was very draining.   They poked at my intellectuality and told me my personality was all wrong for a laundry list of reasons. It was done, I understand, to see how I would deal with their insanity since chaplains are in the midst of insanity of other persons crisis every day.
Seems that I  bopped and bounded in rhythm with the boxers! What an amazing fight for a place in graduate school!I feel emotionally beaten up as in after a duel and ready to rest until the next round!.  They are calling an important reference of mine and that is a good thing.  They want to check on how this special person feels about my weaknesses.  We all have them so it is gladdening to have the parade of flaws marched out in readiness for the circus!  So now I wait!


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