Rewiring the System

AIG bailout Bonuses

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on March 15, 2009

link Nytimes. AIG to use Bail out $ to pay Bonuses to Execs! WTF PPl?! Kill this financial tumor!

Well we have to get up and get the flow of money to these criminals to stop! I want as many breathing individuals to write to their congress persons and get Obama to stop the world wide crisis.  It is time we raise our voices against the criminals who worked for more than 10 years to fill their own pockets with no concern with the end game be stopped.  I see that senior citizens no longer can get dental care but AIG gets billions to take trips and have the same life style they have come to enjoy.  Imagine believing that the rubber band will not snap.  We have looked on as the Keating5 including John McCain sucked up the funds in the Lincoln Banks, which started the ‘derivatives’ and all the complicated financing which is crushing civil society.

Demand that Obama STOP the BAIL OUT

I hope that the small number of readers here will sit down and twitter or write a letter, send an email, or however they choose to call the white house and demand a shift in policy.  I will get the numbers and post them tomorrow to give you time to form your thinking on how we can rise up and put a stop to our financial demise.  Be The Life You want To Live!


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