Rewiring the System

Lemon Juice and Warm Water

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on March 20, 2009

A 12 of glass of warm water and the juice of a fresh lemon washing down an acidophilus pill first thing this morning has changed my appetite.  Taking my own blog advice is subdeliscous!  So subdelicious!  (a new word from Joe on twitter, he said subdelicious is a subway sandwich, but he cannot be real! I told him that a subway sandwich for 19 dollars is subdelicious!). After a half hour or more sipping warm lemon water, before eating that I am enjoying my tastiness’.  I am eating less all day long.

Why can’t we just be friends?  After changing emotional connections with that rocket teckie, I let myself eat more.  Did I enjoy the food more?  I could not go into the supermarket without coming out with purchasing those terrible for you incredible over the top calorie and fat content chocolate covered tongue touching happiness on a stick.

By drinking the Lemon & Warm Water I feel I am welcoming me, myself back from the edge. 

Lemons grow on trees here in Berkeley.  The lemon I used this morning came from a bush in the parking lot of my building. Why does this work.  My meal times and portions are reaching normal.  Is this correcting my chemistry? I am ready to drop those heavy pounds and return to my self-esteem size.  It will take time and Is worth the great effort.  A man that I met at the BIL this year said that any man who sees  more my outside instead of the sunny sublime special spiritual blessing for a relationship I am is not worth my time. 

Yet, so many men are truly visual beings hunting for the proper fit with their snake brain die cut image for that perfect fit.  Like spooning in bed sort of fit where comfort and ease align to sizzle chemistry.  Perhaps I will be found but I think that the men who took me to the SRI talk a while ago said it all as we drove home.  One great other attendee at the talk and I were jabbering about the man made peptodes function with amyloids filling spaces in brains and all over inside.  That man looked at me and said I was incredible.  As we left the friend who drove me said If I weighed 50 pounds less he would have said what great breasts I had!

I do want a man in my life and I do want to be healthy, as I want to live for another 40 years.  When my Mother was growing up there were no cars or electricity and look how things greaw and changed in this one generation!  I want to be around to see all the majic brewing in labs and minds around the world materializing for my use!  Carrying extra weight around is a burden on all my organs not only the organ for intimate contact. 

People have told me all sorts of things to do and I have tried them all.  But this simple juice and warm wateron an empty stomach with that pill, seems to have done something internally to bump up my sanity around food.  I have to eat to live but I have been living to eat these past five months! Lemon tree very pretty and the lemon flower is sweet and the juice of the lemon is my ticket to a treat!



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