Rewiring the System

Belief is Happiness

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on March 31, 2009

Belief is Happiness

When the habit becomes an entire life, we cease to believe in anything other than the habit.

Most people I meet live in the habit of life without thinking. They have ceased to believe that the unseen is functioning in their lives. Here, by our western calendar reckoning of dates, we are at the beginning of the twenty-first millennium. Many have a confused idea of and relationship with time.

What do I feel and think about time? The primary agenda is just not to believe in the ephemeral, to reject this as ‘not real’ by simply attaching no relevance. The pattern of not dealing with whatever enters your mind by completely ignoring this complexity wonders around the clock circle. The happiness of tyrannical conformity binds our mind to this cycle of circles.

I look around and see that time, as a human consensual habit, is ignored. It is the practice of not noticing what is all around though not in the visible spectrum. There is no invitation from the ephemeral. If you do not choose to investigate the intersections of thought and action that parade in the theater labeled time you have only the reactions and not the choice.

Who is amused by belief? The ones who shout the loudest, who show anger and dissent and are afraid of the belief that churns in their gut. By refusing to let go of your thought that any immaterial ‘belief’ is just not very smart, many wander in fear of fear itself! I know a woman who enjoys calling herself a fearful person. She is afraid of traveling, yet she drives around town and around the county as well as the length of the state where she lives.

Fear has a figurative reference in the stretches of the cosmos. You, as a solid person, always figure in the stories of your fear. Holding on to this non-material mental pattern, fear, battles with the any of the other immaterial. It is ghastly to walk away from the gray blanket cloud into another unknown cloud whose color is yet to be determined.

It is the pattern, surrounded by the material objects that keep people fighting inside and out of themselves as though having belief; any belief is ‘The Death’. To believe in anything beyond what can be touched, punched, and owned is as though you are walking through to the end of life itself. Happiness is sacred. Happiness is not part of the material world but an effect of the actions of heart on and with form.


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