Rewiring the System

Beta Happiness

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on April 3, 2009

This beta reference is very fun and funny. We are moving from things as they really are into Beta, which could be vapor wear big time!  This is how reality turns out to be one big joke. I was telling my dentist this afternoon about a family event that is really sad yet the funny part is that ‘It’ is like everything I promised myself , when I was thinking about family as I was growing into adulthood, I would never play into!

My dear dentist said ‘I wish I could find the funny kurnel and laugh at life like you do’.  That was just an hour ago.

The way toward finding the kernel is to enjoy no comfort zones. Always be glad there are no defense mechanisms available for your use when you really would like them to serve your historical need. And the pop-ups?  Trying to sell you a bill of goods, those pop ups can cookie themselves into your hard drives for further torment!

“All things-in-themselves should be regarded as dreams?” What the hell is that supposed to mean!?! “Be grateful to everyone?” PUUULLLLEEEEEAAAAAASSSSEEEE!!!!!

Lately my dreams have been very wonderful. I find the scenes where I am giving support on ‘the other side’ of day light!  I take up sword and sheild for fighting the good fight against  mental, emotional, physical and all the other levels producing tar.

Am I waking refreshed? I know that as soon as my eyes see the clock in this seemingly solid bedroom that the dream now starts again.  This shifting dream sequence is bring me real internal sight and simplicity that feels like Champaign colored sunny joy.  Again I say, I am a spiritual wisp that uses this mortal form. The no comfort zones to set a while and rest in the setting sun work to enliven my every breath. I remain on my toes to enjoy the next lesson in the forever-flowing display.  My discomfort is that pumice to polish the golden sun sitting in the center of our united hearts.

In Hawaii, every Hawaiian knows from birth that we are all connected by even the simplest contact we make with people and things.


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