Rewiring the System


Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on April 3, 2009

‘Nature’ Emerson said, ‘is the magic’.

Nature drives our minds and hearts toward a foment into the depths of understanding interconnectedness. Nature is the truth of service to one another with Love for and to the entire system. It is the water system cycle where nothing is ever gained or lost. Nature is form and form is Nature.

How far does nature extend? Is it in the physics of the roller coaster or out to the gamma particles arena above the clouds or flowing within the molten mega core of our Terra Firma? Does nature extend out to the edges of the visible universe or further out to infinity? Do we send rockets out into space to map the fingers of our Mother Nature?

Ralph Waldo Emerson

A subtle chain of countless rings

The next unto the farthest brings;

The eye reads omens where it goes,

And speaks all languages the rose;

And, striving to be man, the worm

Mounts through all the spires of form.

Reverence for the structure of our Mother Nature, who speaks with one language understood by every country, town and household speaks to my heart and fills me with gladness.

I have been called many names; the best of these verbally delivered opinions is that I, Ilsa am a dilettante. I hold that Oscar Wild, who was a dilettante with such an appellation, is to be admired and followed. I adore his riddling society especially to those who proclaimed their earnestness in a seamless sense of correct vision of the world. Earnest people revile change and want everything to stay the same and be comfortable in things as they always were as they are at this one moment. Yet these very individuals are no longer in swaddling clothes being 22 inches long and babbling cute cooing sounds. The baby pictures attest to the growth with the change that a seed turning to a blossom brings. Their physical change is accepted but the insistent pulse of change is abhorrent. Yea, yea, yea!

Being a dilettante truly means that you see things before others. You sense, smell, hear, envision and imagine more than what is immediately material. What is right in front in the material is just one seventh of the picture of even your own body.

I do not have to choose ‘To Be’ or ‘Not To Be’ an idealist. My circle from past associates and friends believe that to be an idealist causes me to lose the actual business side of getting things done. That was then.

Can I be searching for the meaning of things and thoughts as perfume to be adored at the same time planting real roots in the truth of form in the three dimensions? The scent of a rose wafts around the being of truly refined idealistic people who in full knowledge get important things formed for the use of all of humanity. I would choose to be that idealist.

‘To Be’ an optimist is a dance like lovers of the ideal spiraling in scented silk organza to the sounds of the orchestra of the true, beautiful, and good just a step ahead.

I find that it is important to give support to others. I see this as I travel in my dance since birth in this place at this time. I see how important support is since at my current intersection all pillars of past support have been tossed aside as if tooth picks in a breeze. Just as Joachim and Boas at the Temple in the Biblical songs of David.

I continue to be a believer of the vitality of the citizens of a community. We reach out to one another in a continual exchange of energy through the effort of our hearts, hands, and feet.

Some time ago, I joined a community of Quakers in meeting for silent worship. In this community, I am shown by the groups’ reflection, mirroring my strengths and weaknesses as well as the places and manners in which I might work to become a better functioning whole human being. It is through service to others that our loving Mother Nature grants all my desires.

To serve others is to gain all and remain healthy and wise with time and means to enjoy the joy of living in this paradise.


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