Rewiring the System


Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on April 6, 2009
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Synesthetesia! Oh yea! Taste color or listen to words and hear color as we dance in the land of the big rainbow pancake. I know about the pancake, yet I continue to want to find out about the energy that is pouring the syrup on this pancake!  Every thing we know is part of this big blue pancake. All the way out to infinity, including all the close planets and visible galaxies out to the far reaches that can only be described by the phrase, ‘just keep looking up’. Have you ever heard this expression, ‘Just keep looking up’?

What is my challenge; as I find myself on a path toward becoming a spiritual friend and server in leading in spiritual inquiry? Using both Knowledge and Heart in the mix, how to be likable so people will listen. I moved into the ‘innate’ blockage. Trauma and concussion cements my confinement. Innate is a term that describes a state where the person functions through complete belief of the solid perpetual self.

Scriban created the mystic cord to share what he saw when he heard a musical note.  Kandinsky made paintings that used Scribans’ color wheel so that the paintings are a new form of musical score. What is the intent of the framers of this expanded consciousness? Will it point to the next way that people will function in the form world? Who can understand the place of Synesthetesia in the consciousness of humanity and resurrect its use this striding into beauty?



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