Rewiring the System


Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on April 6, 2009

     What draws a person out of their habitual pattern?  How do I come to the point, of such no return, and rush toward change? What do I do now that I am interested in change and what am I looking for?  Results!  I am looking for results that I have seen in sane, mature, relaxed people. 

What is the sweet reward at the end of the process?   

People want to change because some or many parts of their being, both internal and external, are uncomfortable.  I see there is a different way to receive input, information, and interest, or value added, in the relationship of contact intersections. 

Today I made a typographical error when I wrote to a friend, asking what would be a good start for this process but instead of start I spelled Tart.  

The tart dessert on your lap in the corner is filled with good stuff.  That ‘stuff’ is the real you, the true dessert have been waiting for my smile to savor the flavor.

Self-knowledge is the dessert for the effort to get out of the desert!  Know thyself must be the way; this written effort is a first step to next step process toward self-knowledge, one-step after another. To figure this stuff out for myself through my striving, contemplation, study, and share with all the people who come up to me with their fears, joys, and questions!

We are like everybody else, just trying to have the best life with the cards, we are dealt in the game of life. START!


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