Rewiring the System

Creating Critical Mass in Mass Consciousness

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on April 10, 2009

Today I was sent a ‘youtube’ video: I recommend it as it made me smile…

How lovely for each one us individuals to imagine inspiring, right where we are, at any time and place, here or there to create critical mass of fun? How can each of us get people who are on their way toward something to stop and become part of a spinning inclusive mass for fun and frolic?

I have noticed in my own joyful path in life that people are scared and wary of Joy and Happiness. Please, can we take a minute and let us each look into our minds and hearts and find what we have internally that is good, beautiful and fun to bring out to share in everyday life.

To start I would suggest we smile at people in a nice friendly way as we pass on the street, steps or elevator. Doing a little dance to music in a public space takes a truckload of courage.  I feel this courageous  impulse is truly lacking in a world, which is more, and more a ‘Me First’ individuals in individual nations who seem to constantly forget that they are on the global blue gray pearl being pushed along in the indigo infinity.

Do a little dance; sing a little song, Get Down Tonight!


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