Rewiring the System

Great Minds Egging On

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on April 13, 2009
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Are your lungs pushing and pulling the air as bellows focused on the black smiths’ anvil or is it the air itself that causes the lungs to inflate and deflate?

Like the chicken and the egg… which came first? You know what I think about that!  The chicken had to come first. It is plain dumb to think that an egg rolled out of the sky. What life for an egg all alone is just impossible to imagine.  There is no answer possible for so many people they just think it is a joke: Chicken Egg, no way to know. WAY!

Darwin theory survived for all these many years and through all the many political vicissitudes because he was a good writer who wanted the regular guy to understand his points of view.  No PhD needed to read and understand his Origins of the Species. He would never use the word vicissitudes to describe the movements changing waves of society and culture swirling against one another.

I say, Be Kind:  everyone is struggling with something. Plato said, ‘Authority was a special dimension of the Human Mind that recognizes innately that someone was superior, and such was always given, never taken.’ For when Authority was taken, it ceased to be such and became a play for Power.

This walking, talking, sleeping, eating, creating, love life of ours is a study of serving our own injured soul and offering a kind ear and a warm heart to another.  Are you studying?  Alternatively, do you see this as a dance in the park or worse perhaps just things to complain about to other sleeping men walking?  There is a warm activity of listening to one another while studying together which will help soften the attitude of hierarchical order that one human being is better than another often based on some meaningless thing like finance.  There is no hierarchy of someone being a teacher and the other being the student there is only friends walking together who are searchers, since we are all searching together; we are all each one a friend on the path of living life.  Be Kind:  everyone is struggling with something.


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