Rewiring the System


Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on April 15, 2009

Tonight I went to an autism talk at the cafe scientific at SRI in Palo Alto. This was a particularly good example of the sort of real forward-looking science that changes lives. The Stanford Research Institute hosts the ‘café scientific’ once a month.

Alexander the Great used Pyrethroids to keep his army free of lice and fleas in his world travels. Now this powder from chrysanthemums is everywhere. It is in the dust under our carpets having fallen off the pets that are being treated regularly with insect repellents. The insecticide has found its way into the entire world water supply too.  Ouch!

The horror of this is that there is an environmental connection with Pyrethroids and autism in children.  It affects the white matter in the brain after doing damage to the 1 to 2 day old zygote cell straws, which morph into all the stem cells and the brain bud.  Pyrethroids interfere with the sodium channels in the growing fetus.  There are other environmental toxins used as weed killers and cleaning products that have been shown to cause deformities invetro growing future human.

The importance of Folic Acid taken by both the mother and father several years or at the very least 6 months before conception and all through the pregnancy is definitely shown to serve to avoid many biological disorders. Folic Acid is connected to cleft pallet and a certain deformity of the ear as well as fingers and toes and oh yes the Brain! 

This talk was all about the simple heads up that we can do to protect ourselves by avoiding the nerve killing ingredients in bug and weed poisons. 


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