Rewiring the System

thinking Death into your Life

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on April 16, 2009

“It is important for each individual to practice the genuine teaching in and of life that fits with their own mind (Heart).” Dechen Rangdrol

Dechen Rangdrol, known  as the Venerable Khenpo Tsultrim Gyamtso Rinpoche, is often called an emanation of Milarepa.  Like the famous Tibetan yogi-poet, he is renowned for his dohas, songs of realization.  His best known work in print is Progressive Stages of Meditation on Emptiness (trans. Shenpen Zangmo Hookham.  Oxford: Longchen Foundation, 1986.)

This evening I attended a conversation circle of local friends for a discussion of their end of life thoughts, feelings and beliefs. The gift of sharing experiences about family stories from the past and wishes for the future filled the circle of ten men and woman.  It was an all heart sharing about how to fill out the end of life directives.  Just how many different powers of attorney are there and how specifically different in both scope and time line?

What are the ten most important things to you in your last years of life? Is surrounded by your family or special friends very important to your visceral experience? Is there certain no resuscitate order you want that your partner or children refuse to agree on?  On the other hand, is there something you wish to orchestrate at the bedside or at the graveside? As my daughter said directly to me, ‘you will be dead so how will you know what I am going to do?’  I have a special song, ‘Morning is morning like the first morning’, that I love and sing all the time. I would like this song sung on some remote craggy mountain near Mustang or Katmandu where the vultures carrion come claw my old well used flesh off my bone.  No heavy metals or any other effluviums go into the atmosphere by a vulture burial.

What are the chances of my death wishes enacted by those who remain alive? Traffic flows from zygote to compost on the wings of time.  Come along, only to the edge of feeling about this body, and the meaning of a cloud, formless soul wisp animating form in order to lift and reform the clay and stardust.  What do you want to think about at the end of your time here on Mother Earth? Do you refuse pain management in those last weeks or days of your life or do, you want to avoid all physical pain? What do you really love? Did you ever get to be a kid or are you longing to turn into a kid before you join the worms.  Will you join the worms or will you be scattered dust to return to the cosmic dust like cremated Timothy Leary shot from a rocket?


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