Rewiring the System

No Matter What

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on April 17, 2009

 Simply walk down the alley knowing you can take on anyone. I travel in the world of unkindness where people believe that they can say really mean things as though there is no consequences or recoil.  Why go there? Better yet, why not avoid the alley entirely? Don’t defend yourself so hard, and you just might listen and learn. Do not try to be well adjusted. Be Bland. Just like everyone in the nation and the entire world, we all must start again somewhere strong and all strength comes from Bland.  I am told daily one by one or a  friend or a foe to walk into a room soundlessly.  Pure Instincts Mantra: soundlessly walking because you can take on anyone,  Virile Vajra Fire.



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