Rewiring the System

Seven Inches

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on April 17, 2009
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In San Francisco The water has come on land Seven Inches higher than 20 years ago.  Why?

Change the world with every breath, one breath at a time.

Our breath is like a little garden where we cultivate our best or worst and all the grays in the middle.  The magnificent farmer of life lives in a golden home in the center of each heart.  The heart pumps the avenues to transport the air taken as a breath throughout our body. Such a simple fact about breathing and circulation, that we each know, escapes our understanding of the global implication for global health.

Cultivate conscious breathing. Simply breathing with loving attention brings your brain and mind into the process of living in harmony with all living things.  

People’s minds must be cultivated with kindness and beauty. When we have a kind warm heart view of other people then the very small actions will be in concert with the inner impulse.  In this way, every action will bring harmony.  This is the first step in solving the global weather change.

Collect and separate emotions since every breath circulates intention, which generates thoughts, and as we all know, thoughts have wings. One is the loneliest number. One breath is one person without connection.

The climate is changing.  This effects everything from water supply on up and out to every aspect of life on earth.

How did we allow the breathing of our planet to get so unhealthy?

Imagine the flea products people with ‘pets’ use every day having a direct environmental cause of the new wide spread eruption of Autism! I am hollering about bringing thoughtfulness to every breath and every choice every time since our thoughtlessness has created the planets teetering on the edge of extreme danger.

The heating of the planet is causing rain to fall in the oceans and not on land.  Kenya and California are suffering the hottest years in over a hundred and eighty-five years.  Trees are dying off in California and whole communities in Kenya are starving. All of this starts with one person at a time.  In Taiwan, businesses are mobilizing office staff to go out and sort trash to save reusable items for the country and our planet as a whole. Just an hour by a hundred people, together working on one aspect of the earth’s health makes a big difference.

Healthy cities depend on healthy forests and the nourishing waters of seas and rivers. We are a dynamic eco-system as individuals, communities and planetary.

How are the microphages doing inside our eco-system as well as the coruscations in the sea? Our earth has a fever caused by thoughts which act as smog filled breathing fueled by toxic emotions.  Love yourself and love one another as kindness is the real need right now.  Historical survival!


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