Rewiring the System

Love the One Rule

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on April 24, 2009

If I get to live just one rule in the list of human rules, like the list in the Ten Commandments or the admonitions of the Four Noble Truths, I want  to live and to be an embodiment of the Golden Rule. That the preciousness of every life is evident in the way I treat both everyone and myself. I live to listen with attention and grace to the pulsing flow of life and all the little sounds that come from every direction. The sound of Infinity hums AUM. In this cacophony are included the singing songbird as well as the chugging diesel engine.  Why not hear this as the Great Silence surrounding the motivating Spirit?

When I am in the presence of another person no matter how old or young, I will look into their eyes and both hear their words and gather the rhythm of their heart beat communicating the song of life. I will speak carefully to everyone.

My wonderful Great Aunt Edith, who the family lovingly called Bunny, lived this practice of kindness in speech. She told me one day as we were boarding a bus and the people ahead of us were impatient with the change making, that he did not make enough money and that the little hurts added up and causes him unhappiness.

I have a helper in my home for things that I have been unable to do. He is very good at some things and not so good at listening. It is important to listen before acting and speaking. Otherwise, you go off in the wrong direction. We are each a beautiful flower in the garden of creation. I am a lovely highly scented rose. My thorns are for self-protection and not ever do I use them as barbs. I bring beauty and perfume to all my interactions. Love one another is the letter of the Law.


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