Rewiring the System

Life is the Joy in enJOYment

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on April 30, 2009
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 ‘All Life Is Suffering’ is one tenant of LIFE that most people hear first.  That all life is suffering is evident in the rollercoaster of sadness / not sadness which parades and slides past our eyes in place of real life. This ‘disconnects’ between our unspoken core values and our outer masquerade is the beginning of the path toward our own communication and connection with the immaterial.  Is suffering all that any one of the  thinkers since Plato chose to write about?

 No, there are many books from the Matthew’s verson of Jesus on the Surmon on the Mount  to the Buddha who wrote 84,000 treatises on how to wake up.  They wanted people to be aware of what it means to be truly human.  As individuals, we each walk around daydreaming.  La de dah, oh bla de blab la, about living and not any more than rote sleep walking, as William Shakespeare wrote; “all life is a stage and we are but players.’  moving within a circle we call ‘choice’ that either was made up for us by someone we might not like or we made it without much introspection. Am I sleep walking in a dream of what I imagine is joy? Am I a cloud coalescing and evaporating as though this is life?

Life is in the Joy and enJoyment of the ‘Tastes of Life’.  


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