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Monday With Morals

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on May 5, 2009
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I attended Religion, Ethics, and Media, a talk, this  evening in a chapel on Holy Hill in Berkeley California. Berkeley is the liberal bubble of intellectual America!  All showered and bright!

I imagine talking about any one of these subjects as an entire evening’s conversation. It was not cold fusion or anything just beyond the dendrites ability to deliver information and entertainment in the same sentence.

So much of America, in the 21st century, is publicized, as though  all and everything could only be accomplished in the name of religion.   How about labeling this as Do-A-Log? Do this or that and your dream will come true. I think that was the best word and thought I brought home from this evening.  Religion now lurks in between my ears as a group of people doing a Do-A-Log.

This especially American dogmatism has marginalized the power of one man to change the direction and flow of civilization.  How about that Buddha! How about that Mother Teresa! How about Woolman! And do not brush aside all the Jesus sects!  How about Abraham and his two sons!

What happens in society to a woman or man who works on grounding spiritual meaning using thoughts molded into a path of transcendence?  Building a transcendence into the immaterial, using the immaterial fire in every warm heart, one person at a time.  Are you safe if you make an effort?

Flight of a fecund mind, I watch the flutter delivering truth seeds, planting each deeply into the loam in the heart of one men by the One. Much of religion is the comet tail of one man. Wednesday our planet will be pushed by the speed of light through the tail of Hailey’s Comet.  Will you go out at three or four a.m. to see the sparkling shooting star like icy debris?

 Ethically, the contact point shimmers in a faith based nodal person.  Who first called this Indra’s web? Which one left their scent, which marked time and space,  marked with or without a moral outer surface?  Each one of these individuals’ starter should come together and make a big circle. Nary a Cabinet table with chairs for this group of starters, but the many pairs of prancing feet dancing in the woods,  mashing down the masses.  Doing the dance of dogma splashing spiritual narrowness using big words, the men in positions of leadership speak to the lucky few who applaud. This is true for both faith based, or the agnostic, as well as secular humanists, and those who say that god does not and could not exist. 

How can we talk about our individual inner moral mandate as is circumscribed on the walls of each  life?  My wall has integrity that passersby can feel conform to my inner values.  Without an inner list, how can a person have a vital life?  I believe that there is a golden truth with which we are hard wired.  If I punch you in the nose, something violent is going to happen back at me.  Call it cause and effect, but in the place of any ‘ism’, cause and effect is the compass spinspinning  from our slithering out of the pond scum, on and on, until we have telescopes to look both up and out and deep into the nano tubes delivering the trajectory of our thoughts into and out to the edge.  Are you a seeker getting a continuous flow of second chances or a doubter with only the stuff you can touch, holding your mind on the planet? Would you rather look back?

All the media attention of Condelisa Rice speaking out the truth of organized religions approval of torture is another hype of religion and media without moral imperative and the ethical high road.  Give Ms. Rice a one-way ticket to the Bush corral! 


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