Rewiring the System

How We Live Our Second Chance: Life As A Seeker

Posted in Uncategorized by rewiringangel on May 8, 2009

How We Live Our Second Chance:  Life as a Seeker.

Worship, does it always mean communication with G-D?  Is worship just a heartbeat of light away from the ultimate truth? Do you get a second chance to look deeply into what you think and feel?  What is it about the light? Yes, you get a second chance, one after the other second chance to step again over the threshold.

Does it matter if you believe in G-d? What does this mean to you? How do you tell your children what you believe Taking time to sit down together, is it important to make space for your second chance? Do you seek meaning in every day actions as well as the actions of others? Is it safe to believe that the light that is our worship of holding a group, meeting, a person, or a situation in the Light is not always anthropomorphic? Do you always feel that the supreme energy takes a material form in the shape and with the emotions of mankind? What is your family ‘Tradition’ on the subject of spirit?  Is it an actual object as the ultimate source of life? Mickey Mouse in his cute white diapers with suspenders known all over the globe, could he be the Supreme Being?  Breathing air restores the balance between the parasympathetic (the restorative system), and the sympathetic(known as the fight or flight system).    

Breathing is the foundation for creating circles of action or inaction as an innovative process of spiritual direction. Our breathe goes in and comes out in a circular process of bringing life giving oxygen to all our material parts, sweeping away old habits with the stale air.

Do you find yourself trapped deep in living a divided life?  Are you one who has divided inner values and outer integrity pulling the outer out of shape from the inner directive driving you crazy with guilt and loathing?  What part of your inner life is a gift that you seem born with?  Alternatively, do you believe you have an acquired calling?   Are you or can you wake to the concept of an inner wisp of spirit using this form to give life meaning?


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